The Graphic Response Collection


Welcome to the former home page of Graphic Response, The complete Graphic Response collection is now housed within the meta-site at, which also includes Tuna's complete collection of 80,000 collages, the complete collection from Charlie's French Celebrity Nudity, The Honte's Scandinavian Celebrity Collection,  Scoopy's own archives, the famous Encyclopedia of Screen Nudity, and the Scoopy film clips. And those are only the archives. Every single day of every single year the site has a brand new edition of Uncle Scoopy's Fun House, a daily celebrity nudity newsmagazine which reports and shows everything new on DVD, in theaters, or on the net.

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The Compete Film Clip Collection - more than 2000 clips, almost all of well-known actresses in mainstream films, many of them from rare, out-of-print films.

The Complete Collage Collection - dating back to the old days of usenet and the first days of the visual internet, Graphic Response had been creating and posting his beautiful, swirling collages of multiple images from a film, effectively encapsulating the film's nudity in a single file or a small number of files. All of his efforts, dating back to 1995, can be found in this thumbnailed collection. 

The Complete Slideshow Collection - there are about 800 "slideshows," which are collections of screen captures from individual films. Some of the slideshows incorporate only a few pictures, while others include many megabytes worth of .jpg images.